Our Approach





  • Our approach centers around facilitating Interactive working sessions designed to align multiple stakeholder groups, stretch your thinking, enable rapid decision making, and solve complex issues.

  • We bring together a creative team to handle all the details including design, set-up, facilitation, gaming, live scribbling, documentation, environment and logistical planning so you stay fully engaged in the process.

  • You leave with a sense of accomplishment, alignment and purpose.

Design And Prepare

We design each Orchestration with 3-5 key stakeholders.  Each session we will define the following:
    • Purpose – what do we want to accomplish and what are our takeaways
    • Participants – focus on the right people (stakeholders and influencers)
    • Process – create the straw-model agenda
    • Pre-work – identify what inputs we want to bring into the session
Prepare for Collaborative Orchestration by assembling the right:
    • Knowledge – what information do we want to use to level the group
    • Perspectives/Expertise – how should we stretch participant thinking
    • Agenda – complete the flow of activities
    • Assignments – build the structure to guide participant activities


Our team (3-5 people) will deliver and fully support the Collaborative Orchestration by providing:
  • Lead facilitation – experienced facilitation team to lead the event
  • Collaborative environment – assembled environment to maximize collaboration and innovative thinking
  • Real-time deliverable – capture of the work and notes so you focus on the work
  • Graphic scribing – graphic artist to visually capturing the group conversations


The result of the Orchestration delivers the following benefits:
    • Alignment – everyone knows the background, problem(s), solution and approach forward
    • Direction – action, responsibility and accountability are well defined and transparent
    • Cohesive Engagement – communications and learning, that are cohesive with other initiatives including policy change
    • Active Follow-up – critical path is understood and detailed with goals and metrics established to assure success while future sessions are determined to continue realize the outcome
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